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For EKO system demo, I launched it 3 times. Once worked perfectly, for the 2 others, I had the sound broken until the final tridi world (the music is resetted here).

Only sound is broken, the demo continues.

This demo seems to be at the limits of the DSP <-> CPU timings, but works, which is quite a good news.

I'll test for bound.

Le 28/10/2020 à 23:11, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On 10/27/20 1:12 AM, Eero Tamminen wrote:
"Bound" (uses no DSP) seems to have
also regressed, I get now only a black screen.

Do you get same?


EKO Systems:  perfectly works (except a little transition in the betty boo image).        Music plays well until the 3D scifi scene and plays well again in the tridi world.

Close to end I got Hatari crash:
WARN : crossbar DMA Play: Illegal buffer size (from 0x0d84e8 to 0x0d84bc)
Segmentation fault

EKO epidemic music disk : no change

underscore demo : no change

Hmmm demo : better than before (runs with MMU  + cycle exact + prefetch) (not tested to the end)


I've updated now info for all demos that have had
issues earlier.  Ones that didn't work with CPU
exact emulation, do work now.

Except for earlier and above mentioned issues,
there were no regressions in them.

I will next go through some Falcon games & demos
that haven't had problems with TOS4 in earlier
Hatari versions, but had problems with EmuTOS.

If they don't work with EmuTOS, I'll check whether
they still work with TOS4.

    - Eero

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