Re: [hatari-devel] AES/VDI breakpoints (was: Add some NVDI function names)

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Hi Thorsten,

On 10/14/20 1:01 AM, Eero Tamminen wrote:
I've now pushed support that allows tracing
AES & VDI calls with extra info like this:
   b  VdiOpcode = 8   :quiet :info vdi  # v_gtext
   b  AesOpcode = $32 :quiet :info aes  # form_do

On 10/12/20 12:28 PM, Eero Tamminen wrote:
On 10/12/20 3:38 AM, Thorsten Otto wrote: >> Right, so the data needs to be copied, not the pointers to them.

So i don't think that it currently makes sense to change it,
if that all is going to be redesigned. It's also not that real
urgent, i would  probably wait for this until after the release.
You could use something like the attached patch as
starting point.  See TODO comments in it.

Arrays could be either dynamically allocated, or
be static, with some upper limit of how many
items are stored to them.  Limit could be selected
based on how much information it makes sense to
print before screen output starts to become

Above is needed only for having reliable data from AES/VDI_Info() when it's not called on VDI trap.

With the support for calling them from trace breakpoints on AES/VDI traps that I just added,
it's not a problem though.

I.e. you can send the additions to current code as-is, just make them memory access safe by
using suitable Hatari checks / access functions.

	- Eero

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