Re: [hatari-devel] fixing errors reported by GCC 10 -fanalyzer

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On 5/14/20 1:03 AM, Thorsten Otto wrote:
On Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2020 18:49:43 CEST Eero Tamminen wrote:
Here's example assembly and C-code for AHCC,

If you are looking for code how to use that NF_STDERR feature: i've added that
some time ago to mintlib, for example in
blob/master/mintlib/nf_ops.c and
master/mintlib/nf_debug.c . Similar code has also been added to recent
versions of

That code should work with gcc, Pure-C, AHCC, and VBCC, and provides a
nf_debugprintf() function that can just be used as printf(), including format
checking when using gcc.

Or we add something similar to what is now done in the QEMU regression
test suite:

In my rscview program that generates the dialogs for EmuTOS, i've added a
v_write_png() VDI function that grabs the screen contents and generates a PNG
file from it. Maybe you can use something similar (although i would not
recommend PNG for this purpose, since the output file will be just to
dependent on the actual PNG/zlib libraries being used; maybe PNM or BMP is
better suited for this).

External test program can do everything that user
can do in Hatari, or Hatari's debugger (except
mouse movements) through Hatari control socket.

By using Hatari Hconsole Python module, taking
a screen shot is a one-liner.

Hatari "tostester" already uses that to take
screenshot at end of each test run:

There's also script to compare them to reference ones:

By building Hatari with NF_COMMAND natfeats API
enabled, Atari programs could do that too.  Most
of that can be done also through Hatari's
deprecated XBios(255) API.

Hm... Maybe they could even use Hatari command
FIFO through GEMDOS HD to do that (assuming
user starts Hatari so that command fifo file
is inside GEMDOS HD directory).

	- Eero

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