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Le 06/05/2020 à 21:37, Steven Tattersall a écrit :
Hello splendid Hatari developers,

I was wondering what the current plans are for Hatari are in terms of the graphical debugger UI. The existing hatari-ui python debugging UI doesn't appear to have changed much recently. I also suspect it isn't used very much, given that it doesn't offer services like single-step.

I have masses else on my todo list, but I might be able to offer some free cycles to work on this, because there are some exciting possibilities if it works, (plus I've had a bit of experience making debugging tools in my day job.)

To understand what's there already, I did some messing about, based on making small modifications to the existing python plus control.c and debugui.c, to get single-stepping and batched queries. But it's strictly a learning prototype and I don't want to tread any one's toes. (I know there was some discussion of using SDL2 for visualisation windows on atari-forum, for example)

Steve (Tat)


having a debugger UI with all the CLI command is certainly sthg many people ar waiting for. It's true that single stepping or visual breakpoints or visual memory accesses breakpoints would be huge addition (I still need to add internal support for memory r/w breakpoint)

Don't hesitate if you a prototype to send patch so other people can try them.

As a great demo coder, I'm sure you have plenty real cases ideas (and "44" is really a great 4k demo :) )


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