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Le 06/05/2020 à 18:14, Troed Sångberg a écrit :

I'm building Hatari for the first time on Linux, since I need SCP support. Even though I had compiled and installed caps5, Hatari configure complained it wasn't found. Turns it it's because caps5 installs headers to /usr/local/include/caps while Hatari only looks for them in /usr/local/include/caps5

Easily fixed with a softlink, but should perhaps be sorted out automatically.

(I'm on Ubuntu 18.04)


this is due to the ability to compile hatari with caps 4.2 or 5.1. Unfortunately caps lib doesn't provide a caps/caps4 or caps/caps5 directory naming to have both libraries at the same time.

So in hatari, if you compile capslib 5 yourself, you need to rename the dir to caps5 (see 3.2 in ~/readme.txt)

At one time, caps5 was more recent so it could be interesting to have support for caps4 which was more stable. But since then, there were not much changes to capslib (caps5 is from 2014 !), so I think I will remove support for capslib 4 and put everything back in caps/ instead of caps5.


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