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On 03/05/2020 at 13:38, Thorsten Otto wrote:
 > I happily build Hatari on Cygwin for Cygwin.

But doesn't that use cygwins SDL library, thus also require a running XServer on windows?

I'm unsure about the official status of SDL on Cygwin. Currently, I see there are packages named libSDL-devel and libSDL2-devel. I don't know where screen output goes with those versions. But it would surely be worth to try. Maybe it can be configured at runtime.

In 2008, I was just discovering ARAnyM, and I experienced severe crashes when moving XaAES windows with fVDI. It turned out to be an SDL bug (something related to memcpy, IIRC). So I rebuilt SDL 1.2 for Cygwin at that time, and I never upgraded. That version compiles well on Cygwin, it is statically linked, and produces output for standard Windows (no X-Window involved). I still compile Hatari with that static SDL from 2008 nowadays, and I'm happy with it. I haven't tried to compile ARAnyM for a long time, though.

Vincent Rivière

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