Re: [hatari-devel] Fastload from GEMDOS drive emulation

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Am Mon, 10 Jun 2019 15:52:03 +0200
schrieb Thorsten Otto <admin@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> On Montag, 10. Juni 2019 15:27:44 CEST Thomas Huth wrote:
> > it does not mention that the
> > FASTLOAD flag is ignored here,  
> Well, indirectly it is mentioned: "similar to mode 5". Mode 5 does
> not clear the bss either. The bss/tpa is only cleared when you
> actually load a program. Mode 7 cannot do that, since it does not
> know the actual bss length of the program to execute, only the length
> of the tpa that is allocated.

Well, without FASTLOAD, the whole remaining part of the memory block is
supposed to be cleared, so Pexec would not really need to know the size
of the BSS yet... but yes, when you think about it twice, it makes more
sense the other way round, since only the unused area has to be cleared
instead of the whole block.


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