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On 3/14/19 1:52 AM, Thorsten Otto wrote:
On Donnerstag, 14. März 2019 00:36:43 CET Eero Tamminen wrote:
At least one of the kernel had some natfeats support, but I don't
get any NatFeats output either. I

Yes, newer kernel have some support for that. Specifically, they use the XHDI
interface of Aranym, and you have to use root=/dev/nfhd8p1 in the bootargs to
access the first IDE drive. The complete line that i use is

Args = root=/dev/nfhd8p1 console=tty debug=par devtmpfs.mount=1

But for that to work, Hatari has to support the XHDI NatFeats, and also the
BOOTSTRAP NatFeat IIRC. The --lilo option in Aranym makes it possible to
directly load the kernel, without having to boot TOS first and running
bootstra.tos from there.

I don't want XHDI NatFeats, but real disk access, like on real HW.

What I would like to have with Hatari, is kernel debug output to host
console, same as what happens with Aranym.

Giving "tty=nfcon" didn't help, but I don't know whether Linux
boot proceeded far enough to output anything.  That's actually
why I'm now trying to do real HD boot using bootsta.tos with

However, I'm having a bit of a problem with that.

I did small HD image with FAT using:
	tools/ 16 16mb-linux.img LINUX disk/

When I boot with that using Hatari and EmuTOS 0.9.10:
	hatari --machine falcon --tos etos512k.img --ide-master 16mb-linux.img

Everything works fine, I see and can run bootstra.tos.

However, when I boot Aranym with same image and EmuTOS,
using this in Aranym config:
	Present = Yes
	ByteSwap = No
	ReadOnly = No
	Path = 16mb-linux.img
	Cylinders = 64
	Heads = 16
	SectorsPerTrack = 32
	ModelName = Master

And additional "-d D:./" option, EmuTOS (v0.9.10 release), shows
me just *empty* C: drive.

There are *no* warning messages to indicate any problems, either
with D: host dir mapping, or C: IDE drive.  Same thing with EmuTOS
512k and Aranym versions.

Both with Hatari and Aranym, EmuTOS does following NF output:
hda: DOS MBR byteswapped signature detected: enabling byteswap
 MBR at 0 $04

I've tried both Aranym built from Git(hub) and older release
in Debian, neither gives me the IDE drive, nor host dir drive.

(Why one still needs to provide CHS values for disks to Aranym?)

	- Eero

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