[hatari-devel] Running Linux in Hatari?

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Has somebody successfully run full (Debian) m68k Linux kernel in Hatari
instead of just some version of ucLinux?

I've tried getting some old and a bit newer pre-built kernel images
working, but after bootstrap program (bootstra.tos) has loaded kernel,
initrd, and booted linux, only things I see are:

* Kernel reading NVRAM (including few entries Hatari doesn't emulate)

* Looping on doing following IO reg access:
IO read.b $00fffa23 = $e0 pc=89a8
IO write.b $00ff8800 = $0e pc=8880
IO read.b $00ff8800 = $25 pc=8880
IO write.b $00ff8802 = $27 pc=8892
IO read.b $00fffa23 = $e0 pc=89a8

$00ff880X stuff seems to be floppy select and floppy light is
indeed flickering.  And $00fffa23 is something MFP related?

Similar things both with TT and Falcon (crash without MMU,
or if there isn't enough TT-RAM for loading initrd).

Any ideas what why it would be stuck?

	- Eero

PS. At least one of the kernel had some natfeats support, but I don't
get any NatFeats output either. In Aranym (when using the --lilo
option) I get output both to host console and to emulated monitor.

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