Re: [hatari-devel] Option --conout not working under TOS 1.00?

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On 3/6/19 10:17 PM, Christian Zietz wrote:
Christian Zietz schrieb:
With TOS 1.02 and above, I can
redirect it to the host console using the "--conout 2" command line
option. With TOS 1.00, however, this does not work.

Is this to be expected or a bug in Hatari?

OK, I can answer that myself now: Hatari uses the xconout vectors, which
are not available in TOS 1.00. Which alternative method do you recommend
to get some output (e.g. "PASS" or "FAIL") from my Atari program under
test to the host console so that the test result can be logged?

Just write to some other device than screen, and check the output
from the file where you asked Hatari to write it.

Hatari's TOS bootup test program writes to a MIDI device:

Which is directed to a file by the test runner:

Output wait on that file has a timeout:

Handling single Hatari test run:

When using MIDI device for this, note that it works only when
building Hatari with raw MIDI file access i.e. *without*
portmidi support.

	- Eero

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