Re: [hatari-devel] A few more patches for debuginfo of osheader & system variables

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In my opinion only information directly related to the running OS should
be covered. Let's take MagiC as an example: When MagiC is running it
completely replaces the (ROM-based) OS. I'd not be interested in getting
information about, let's say, TOS 2.06 displayed, but only information
about MagiC.

Best regards


> Hi,
> On 12/7/18 9:25 AM, Uwe Seimet wrote:
> >> Others, what do you feel about Hatari having/providing OS level
> >> info about anything else than TOS?
> > 
> > What's the definition of "OS level info"?
> For example, if there's an alternative OS program like Magic or MiNT,
> showing information about what it's replacing from TOS & how. Either:
> A. in addition to TOS information
> B. instead of TOS information
> C. with debugger command specific to that OS
> Something that's:
> - Related to OS, not HW implementation, or apps running on that OS
> - Documented (register, memory location, API/ABI...).  If it's OS
>    *version* specific, the differences are between all versions are
>    documented
> 	- Eero

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