Re: [hatari-devel] A few more patches for debuginfo of osheader & system variables

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On 12/7/18 9:25 AM, Uwe Seimet wrote:
Others, what do you feel about Hatari having/providing OS level
info about anything else than TOS?

What's the definition of "OS level info"?

For example, if there's an alternative OS program like Magic or MiNT,
showing information about what it's replacing from TOS & how. Either:
A. in addition to TOS information
B. instead of TOS information
C. with debugger command specific to that OS

Something that's:
- Related to OS, not HW implementation, or apps running on that OS
- Documented (register, memory location, API/ABI...).  If it's OS
  *version* specific, the differences are between all versions are

	- Eero

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