Re: [hatari-devel] Small patch to add some partition IDs for auto-detection of byteswapped images

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> I was just wondering whether it can be first partition, contrary to
> the AHDI documentation.  Uwe already confirmed that yes, it can, so
> Hatari does need to check for that (as it already does).

Just to avoid misunderstandings: Technically there should not be an
issue if it's the first partition. But if the AHDI specification says
that this is not permitted, then whatever you implement is fine, as long
as it is according to the specification.
I don't know any partitioning tool that would make the extended
partition the first partition, because in practice, why would somebody
want that? (I know scenarios where one might want that, but they are rather
exotic and in order to create them you need to manually edit the
partition data with a disk editor.)

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