Re: [hatari-devel] Emulation of TT MFP?

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Le 11/10/2018 à 21:37, Uwe Seimet a écrit :
I see, thanks. So at least the MFP is required to get ASV running beyond
where it currently gets stuck.

Uwe Seimet schrieb:

Does Hatari already emulate the TT MFP?

The 2nd MFP in the TT is not emulated yet.
Thomas added some code recently to "fake" emulation of 1 or 2 specific bits for SCSI emulation, but apart from that, there's nothin else.

It's on my TODO list to add support for this 2nd MFP, but I want to rewrite part of the current MFP code first, to be able to easily create several MFP sharing the same code (today, all the code is hardwired for and "ST" MFP)

But it won't happen before next hatari release, too much work involved.


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