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---> This is your new exception vector ("newvec" in the code) pointed to
by the VBR being called:
0001EC8C  MOVE.L (A7, $0004) == $00005700 [ba58b008],-(A7) [01ffffc6]
0001EC90  AND.L #$00000fff,(A7) [ba58b008]
---> Here it extracts the vector at location $8, which ROMSPEED also
installed ("buserr")
0001EC96  MOVE.L (A7, D0.W*1+0)+0 == $00000008 [0001ec9c],(A7) [00000008]
0001EC9A  RTS

---> It correctly jumps to "buserr", then. No issues there.
0001EC9C  MOVEM.L D0/A6,-(A7)
0001ECA0  LEA.L (A7, $0008) == $000056fc,A6
0001ECA4  CMP.W #$1008,(A6, $0006) == $00005702 [b008]
0001ECAA  BNE.B #$04 == $0001ecb0 (T)
0001ECB0  MOVE.B (A6, $000b) == $00005707 [11],D0
0001ECB8  MMUOP030 (A6, A1.L*4, $01) == $0005cefd,#$0161
0001ECC0  SUBA.L #$02,A7
0001ECC2  MMUOP030 (A7),#$6200
0001ECC6  BTST.B #$0003,(A7)+ [0a]
0001ECCA  BNE.B #$0e == $0001ecda (T)
0001ECDA  MOVE.L (A6, $0010) == $0000570c [0100d58a],D0
0001ECDE  MOVEA.L (D0.W*1+1266)+40 == $00e00028 [0000771e],A6
0001ECE6  MOVEA.L (A6) [0100b920],A6
0001ECE8  SUB.L (A6, $0008) == $0100b928 [0100ba20],D0
0001ECEC  BCS.B #$1e == $0001ed0c (F)
0001ECEE  CMP.L (A6, $000c) == $0100b92c [00001438],D0
0001ECF2  BCC.B #$18 == $0001ed0c (T)
0001ED0C  MOVEM.L (A7)+,,D0/A6
---> It asks the CPU to retry the instruction that caused the bus error
in the first place in supervisor mode.
0001ED10  BSET.B #$0002,(A7, $000b) == $00005707 [11]

---> Questions is: Where does this RTE want to go and why does retrying
the instruction still fail?
0001ED16  RTE

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