Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari and OUTSIDE (virtual memory manager)

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> The reason for this, though, is that Uwe's OUTSIDE.IMG contains an
> invalid file system. The C: drive on it has 16 bit FAT entries, but only
> 1003 clusters. The FAT filesystem specification unequivocally states:
> "There is no such thing as a FAT16 volume that has less than 4085
> clusters". EmuTOS's file system code adheres to the specification,
> decides -- based on the number of clusters -- that this must be a FAT12
> filesystem and consequently fails to properly read files (such as
> OUTCONF.APP) from it.
> This neither an issue with Hatari nor with EmuTOS but with the disk image.

Even though this may formally be correct it may not be the best approach for
GEM/BGM partitions, as we can see with this image and AHDI (or other drivers).

HDDRIVER, by the way, signals a 12 bit FAT for *DOS compatible* partitions
of type 0x01 with less than 4085 clusters, but a 16 bit FAT for GEM/BGM
partitions of the same size. For floppy disks in USB floppy disk or LS-120
drives the situation is more tricky because the medium inserted may or
may not have a partition table. If there is none, deriving the FAT format
from the number of sectors has worked fine for me, in order to support
regular floppy disks in these drives.

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