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Le 02/10/2018 à 15:03, Uwe Seimet a écrit :
Hi Nicolas,

Please see the attached bootable image. It contains two partitions. A boot
partition with AHDI and a preconfigured OUTSIDE in the AUTO folder. The
preconfigured OUTSIDE uses drive D (96 MB) as the swap drive.
After booting this image (from ACSI) just launch OUTCONF.APP from the
desktop. (Any other application would also do, I just copied OUTCONF.APP
there.) After some seconds I get the same crash I posted before.
When using the image attached to SCSI the result is the same.

Note that there may be non-PMMU related compatibility issues preventing
OUTSIDE from running with Hatari, but at least the segmentation fault
appears to be related to the PMMU emulation. And it does not just crash the
emulated TT, but Hatari itself.
Flaws in the PMMU emulation might also be the reason for ASV not working.
I don't know, though, which page size ASV uses. 8, 16 and 32 KB pages all
work fine with a real Atari.

Note that OUTSIDE does not have to be started from the AUTO folder. It
can also be started any time from the desktop, in order to add virtual

Best regards


thanks a lot for this image, it saved me a lot of time :)

I was able to boot it using this line :

hatari -c ~/hatari_uwe.cfg -d '' --acsi 0=outside.img --tos tos306de.img

This boots to desktop. If I start, then I get a crash with 11 bombs, but Hatari doesn't crash like in your case.

I tried with and without "cycle exact mode", and in both cases I get a crash in emulated atari tt, but Hatari itself doesn't crash, so I can't really reproduce your issue, this might depend on compiler version and other installed libraries or stack size (which doesn't mean the bug is not present)

In your case, does it work when "cycle exact mode / prefetch mode" are not used, or does it crash too ? Did you find some settings in Hatari that allowed not to crash ?

I will have a closer look anyway to see where those 11 bombs come from after adding some custom traces for PMMU accesses (it's line-f exception, but that's not necessarily related to the real error).


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