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On 10/2/18 4:31 PM, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Le 02/10/2018 à 15:03, Uwe Seimet a écrit :
Please see the attached bootable image. It contains two partitions. A boot
partition with AHDI and a preconfigured OUTSIDE in the AUTO folder. The
preconfigured OUTSIDE uses drive D (96 MB) as the swap drive.
After booting this image (from ACSI) just launch OUTCONF.APP from the
desktop. (Any other application would also do, I just copied OUTCONF.APP
there.) After some seconds I get the same crash I posted before.
When using the image attached to SCSI the result is the same.
....>> Note that OUTSIDE does not have to be started from the AUTO folder. It
can also be started any time from the desktop, in order to add virtual

thanks a lot for this image, it saved me a lot of time :)

I was able to boot it using this line :

hatari -c ~/hatari_uwe.cfg -d '' --acsi 0=outside.img --tos tos306de.img

GEMDOS HD isn't needed, but one needs to add at least 8 MB of TT-RAM,
otherwise outside crashes when run from AUTO:
	--machine tt --ttram 8 --addr24 off --mmu on

This boots to desktop. If I start, then I get a crash with 11 bombs, but Hatari doesn't crash like in your case.

It takes maybe 15s for mouse cursor to freeze and at least additional
minute until Hatari crashes.

Unfortunately, it seems random whether Hatari crashes.  Mostly
there's just double bus error under emulation.  Under GDB, I've
been getting just the latter.

Bombs happens also with these, which make reproducing them faster:
	--cpu-exact off --compatible off --fast-boot on

And also under Falcon emulation:
	hatari --machine falcon --dsp none --tos tos404.img \
	   -s 4 --ttram 8 --addr24 off --mmu on --scsi outside.img

Valgrind gave me following warnings before the bombs, but Hatari
never crashed:
==8491== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==8491==    at 0x7BA291: op_10d8_32_ff
==8491==    by 0x392D3B: m68k_run_mmu030
==8491==    by 0x38D1D9: m68k_go
==8491==    by 0x316F2A: M68000_Start
==8491==    by 0x2C995E: main

	- Eero

PS. I cannot test this with EmuTOS.  While EmuTOS runs "outside.prg"
from auto (see "--trace os_base" output), it always complains that
there isn't enough memory to run "" regardless of how
much memory I set in Hatari (e.g. 14 + 64 MB).

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