Re: [hatari-devel] asm56000.ttp problem

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Thomas Huth schrieb:

> So instead of working around this buggy program in Hatari, I'd rather
> suggest that someone disassembles that TTP, fixes the problem there and
> assembles it again. This will also fix the issue in case someone tries
> to run this program with BigDOS, MetaDOS or another GEMDOS extension.

While I agree with you, this task will be far from easy. asm56000.ttp
was compiled with gcc using the C standard library that was provided at
that time (pre-MiNTLib). Sources for it are available e.g. at
<>, although
probably not from the exact same version that was used to compile asm56000.

You can see from the sources that -- depending on the compile time
options -- the runtime library has a hard limit of 40 file handles that
it relies upon in many places. If someone wants to fix asm56000 by
disassembling, patching and reassembling, I recommend to first identify
all uses of the __NHANDLES define in the library, then to find the
matching functions to be patched in the disassembly. Surely, the debug
symbols will prove helpful there.

Also, this means that there probably will be other programs out there
compiled with this library that will have similar issues.

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