[hatari-devel] Re: Problems with GEMDOS drive support

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On 9/18/18 3:57 AM, Roger Burrows wrote:
I've done some investigation on my system with config files set up to boot a
Falcon with TOS4.04.  I'm using images of IDE drives, each 80MB in size with 4
partitions.  I have the config option set to map the GEMDOS drive partition
after the ACSI/IDE partitions.

If I boot with one image mapped to the IDE master, then the GEMDOS drive is
visible, so I see drives C: to G: inclusive on the desktop.  If I boot with two
images (mapped to master & slave), then only one is visible, and the GEMDOS
image isn't visible either (I only see drives C: to F: inclusive).  I don't
think this can be right, or even intended.

Do your two IDE images work any better *without* GEMDOS HD?

Which hard disk driver & version you're using with TOS v4.04?

How you have configured your hard disk driver to map
the partitions from these two drives (at least HD driver
has options for this, maybe also others)?

What output you have about Hatari HD partition mapping with:
	--trace scsi_cmd,ide

	- Eero

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