Re: [hatari-devel] Lethal Xcess STe sound bug

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Le 06/06/2018 à 20:57, Vincent Rivière a écrit :
On 15/04/2018 at 13:33, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
I will try to complete "Weighted_Average_N" in the next days/weeks, this might fix the problem (in all cases doing an average on "n" samples is needed for very low period, even if in most cases "n" will be 2 because it's very rare that period <= 6 are used)

I noticed one more thing.
I can only hear that annoying high pitched sound at some mixing frequencies:
- 41000 Hz, 22050, 16000 are bad
- but others such as 48000 are good (no hearable artifact)

This is probably by chance, but at least it makes Hatari usable again.


This is not by chance, the higher output freq you choose, the less artefact you will get due to downsampling and nyquist frequency. 50066 Hz might be even better, because it's nearly an integer divisor of 250000 kHz, so downsampling will have less rounding error.


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