Re: [hatari-devel] VDI resolution limits (was: Problems with some FPU tests)

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On 04/28/2018 10:23 AM, Thorsten Otto wrote:
On Samstag, 28. April 2018 08:49:03 CEST Thomas Huth wrote:
- You are using monochrome resolution in TT mode in your config file,

When starting normally, i currently request 1280x960@4 planes, with extended
VDI resolution. but VDI resolutions are disabled in testing mode. Also, the
actual resolution Hatari then uses is 896x672, i think because of the limit of
300k for the screen buffer Hatari imposes (which is imho rather random,
atleast TOS 3.06 does not have any problem with larger screens).

Users select VDI mode to run applications, not just to marvel at TOS
desktop. :-)

300kB is a bit odd size, but that's what I found to be about largest
that works with wider variety of GEM programs.  E.g. older NVDI and
Calamus (v1.09 that still works with monochrome ST).

If you have contrary test-data for different VDI bit-depths from:
- multiple TOS versions (1.04, 2.06, 3.06 and latest EmuTOS),
- in multiple memory configurations (2, 4 and 14MB),
- with few of the most popular SW VDI accelerator versions,
- and with large set of GEM applications

I would be interested about the results.

Besides, as mentioned in the Hatari manual, in monochrome 300kB is
enough for resolutions like FullHD (1920×1080), WUXGA (1920x1200)
and QWXGA (2048x1152), so it's not *that* small...

	- Eero

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