Re: [hatari-devel] Regression in Cruor's falcon demos

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I've now gone through all the entries marked as "2.1 dev" or
"2.0+" in the compatibility list (except for ST programs and
Ishar games which I don't have, but I assumed them to be OK).

Many of them have regressed, couple of them are even such that
they only work with old UAE CPU core.


I'll try next to bisect where things regressed.

	- Eero

On 02/18/2018 01:50 AM, Eero Tamminen wrote:
On 02/11/2018 01:50 AM, Eero Tamminen wrote:
On 02/10/2018 12:30 AM, Eero Tamminen wrote:
On 02/09/2018 01:20 AM, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
Thanks for the new hatari release. It's a good job as usual.

While testing a demo I've never seen before on Falcon (Cruor: The mountains flight <>), I've seen that it's written as working with hatari 1.3, but it doesn't work for me with the latest hatari version.

Do you confirm this ?

Yes, it bus errors in the start of the demo.

Same thing with Cruor's 96ktro.

Both demos work with old UAE CPU core though.

They crash to bus error in about same place with old UAE, if I use
dummy DSP instead of real one, so it could be something DSP related.

It doesn't help if I disable in WinUAE CPU core cpu-exact option.

Same problem also with "Lasers and Hommes".  This got fixed
with the videl video counter dummy, so the regression happened
some time after v2.0.

Avena's E.X. Illusion was fixed after 2.0, but now it doesn't
anymore work unless both CPU exact & compatible options are

     - Eero

Then there's a bit more weird issue with these:
* Crac's Bound 2 demo
* Moonspeeder preview

The exit at start (without Hatari having no exception output)
with WinUAE CPU core, but work fine old UAE CPU core.

I'll continue going through rest of the things that are
currently marked in compat list as "2.1 dev", and update
it after I'm done.

     - Eero

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