Re: [hatari-devel] OS compatibility documentation for builds?

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On 12/02/2017 12:58 AM, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Le 30/11/2017 à 23:40, Christer Solskogen a écrit :
I somewhat disagree on that part. Everyone *should* know that these are test builds. Wherever they got the URL.
Perhaps state it on as well.

I had some thoughts about the naming for each build / directory ; so far, it uses the unique id for the revision, which means the directory are not sorted in date order in ~/hatari. Also, UID might look a little "scary" to some people, compared to a simple number.

What about using the rev number instead ? It might be easier to understand and as it's a number, directory would be correctly sorted in ~/hatari.

for example, hatari-6be31ec5ad6d would be hatari-rev6768 instead.

Maybe hatari-commit-<revnumber>

To make it clearer builds happen for (nearly) all commits?

	- Eero

If a user tries your build and has a problem, it could be easier to report a problem with a specific build number than with its UID.

It would be also faster to match a build with the corresponding revision in the main source tree.

What do you think ?

Apart from that, it seems *.log files are not reported with the "text" mimetype anymore, but as binary, which means they can't be viewed from a browser, you need to open them with an external app when you click on one of them. Could you check if the mimetype for "*.log" was not removed from your http server ? (it used to work before)


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