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Now done. It was quite simple, I was tricked by other code I didn't understand first (I haven't done 6301 programming before)

It's trivial to create a special routine for this in Hatari*. However, I would really like to see the proper emulation included of course :) I recall there were some discussions many years ago on not being able to include Atari's keyboard binary due to copyright, but Hatari could still fake that case and allow binary uploads which in turn would be emulated properly.


*) On receipt of the magic byte $42, output $4b and $13

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In short : unsupported :)

Although there's some code for 6301 cpu emulation (added by Laurent a
long time ago), it was never hooked to main emulation so far.

For now, only solution is to dump and disasm the code sent to the 6301
and convert this in a custom program in ikbd.c (this is what I did for a
few programs already).

I might have time to look at this one in a few days if you don't feel
like digging into this ;)

Oki, let's check in then. I've dumped the program and have a sort of understandable disassembly in front of me. It does seem to use timers.


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