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Le 26/10/2017 à 19:39, Troed Sångberg a écrit :

As some might've noticed at A-F or in #atariscne there's been some activity over the last few days getting what was rumoured to be a dump of an unreleased Audio Sculpture v1.5 to run. It has involved some detective work by both myself as well as Nicolas, and has turned up some unsupported quirks in emulators.

I'm currently looking at the code that decrypts the actual AS executable before depacking, and from what I can see it uses a decryption key it fetches from the keyboard CPU. It doesn't seem to be correctly emulated though. What's the current status of 6301 emulation in Hatari?

In short : unsupported :)

Although there's some code for 6301 cpu emulation (added by Laurent a long time ago), it was never hooked to main emulation so far.

For now, only solution is to dump and disasm the code sent to the 6301 and convert this in a custom program in ikbd.c (this is what I did for a few programs already).

I might have time to look at this one in a few days if you don't feel like digging into this ;)

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