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The application you sent, starts in couple of seconds for me:
hatari --fast-forward yes --monitor vga  -s 14 --machine falcon --dsp none --tos etos512k.img --fpu 68881 ./atari800.gtp

(And this is on nearly decade old i3.)
You should really get the emulator up and running first before judging. ;) Yeah, the screen showing you have a ROM missing perhaps shows up in a few seconds. Trouble is that it should take a few milliseconds. If you tried to install BASIC & friends, you would notice it 'boots' for about 10 seconds (should take 1). And if you load a demo, it takes several minutes (instead of seconds). So this is my profiling starting point.

Starting of profiling when application starts, can be scripted with
chained breakpoints.
That's not the problem, problem is the waiting.

It doesn't even check whether there are any ROM files present,
only thing that it checks for is "atari800.cfg" file.
I don't know which version you're checking but the usual flow is: check the cfg file, if not present create it, check for the paths defined by it, if no ROM found, search the current directory for some. If nothing found -> show the info screen.

Did you try the ROMs I linked?

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