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On 09/21/2017 01:29 AM, Miro Kropáček wrote:
thank you for the detailed explanation -- I'll note this to not be
surprised next time. And once again thank you for all the work on the
profiler. Now I can only wish that somebody will be nice enough to
implement the "as fast as possible" button because waiting ~1 minute for an
application to start and then another 10 for profiling isn't fun at all! ;-)


The application you sent, starts in couple of seconds for me:
hatari --fast-forward yes --monitor vga -s 14 --machine falcon --dsp none --tos etos512k.img --fpu 68881 ./atari800.gtp

(And this is on nearly decade old i3.)

Starting of profiling when application starts, can be scripted with
chained breakpoints.

Regarding the profiled Atari800 program...

- start atari800.gtp with some ROM file

It asks to select cartridge module after which it either shown
blank screen, or a screen that gets constant '>' character output.

How I should use the Atari800 program?

You need not only OS but also a BASIC. You can find them (legally,
surprisingly) here for instance: -- just copy the ROM files
where the GTP resides.

PS. the Atari800 program seems a bit buggy, if I don't give it a ROM
file as argument, it complains that it runs only on real Atari OS.

I'm not sure whether you're using it correctly. ROM files are loaded /
detected automatically (you can adjust them in the main menu later). The
command line serves as input for ATR/XFD/XEX files, i.e. disk images and

It doesn't even check whether there are any ROM files present,
only thing that it checks for is "atari800.cfg" file.

Should there be config file that specifies what it should load?

	- Eero

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