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Hi Eero,

thank you for the detailed explanation -- I'll note this to not be surprised next time. And once again thank you for all the work on the profiler. Now I can only wish that somebody will be nice enough to implement the "as fast as possible" button because waiting ~1 minute for an application to start and then another 10 for profiling isn't fun at all! ;-)
Regarding the profiled Atari800 program...

- start atari800.gtp with some ROM file

It asks to select cartridge module after which it either shown
blank screen, or a screen that gets constant '>' character output.

How I should use the Atari800 program?
You need not only OS but also a BASIC. You can find them (legally, surprisingly) here for instance: -- just copy the ROM files where the GTP resides.

PS. the Atari800 program seems a bit buggy, if I don't give it a ROM
file as argument, it complains that it runs only on real Atari OS.
I'm not sure whether you're using it correctly. ROM files are loaded / detected automatically (you can adjust them in the main menu later). The command line serves as input for ATR/XFD/XEX files, i.e. disk images and executables.

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