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Am Tue, 25 Apr 2017 23:11:15 +0200
schrieb Cocoa Pod <cocoa.pod@xxxxxxx>:

> HI,
> Questions:   on windows or Linux
>   Is it possible to reach all the visible characters on a keyboard
> Atari?

If the keyboard has enough keys (i.e. also a numberpad), yes, I think
it is possible to get a match for all keys. It might also depends also
on the language, of course, but that's why why have the possibility to
load keymapping from files.

> Modifier Alt has effect ?  and  Shift+Alt  ?

Yes, should work.

> Because I use Apple machine, I modified "Symbolic" in keymap.c. So,
> compiling hatari with Xcode, keymap.c becomes automatically correct
> for Macbook Pro keyboard with or without numerical keyboard. I added
> a macro which permits to experiment conversion character->scan-code.
> Compiled with Xcode, keyboard is AZERTY-fr. You can add other layout.
> Compiled under linux or windows, nothing has changed.  Test of that:
> MegaSTE + Tos2.06 and I use SDL2 .

First, with SDL2, I think it is better to use the scancode mapping
instead of the symbolic mapping, since the scancodes are now
standardized (with SDL1, they were not, so scancode mapping did not
work at all on Mac OS X if I remember clearly). You've got to use a
matching TOS language for that, too (i.e. French TOS for French

Second, if you still want to use symbolic mapping instead, I think it
would be better to provide loadable keyboard mapping files instead.
There are so many different language and keyboard layouts out there, so
that I think it is not feasible to add such hacks to the source code
(e.g. your changes likely only work with the French version of the
Mac keyboards, I guess ... so including these would likely break the
other languages). Have a look at doc/fr/clavier-exemple.txt for an
example keyboard mapping file for French keyboards (however, it might
still be the SDL1 mapping, not sure if somebody ever updated that one
for SDL2...).

>   None character having  Alt modifier in its key combination can  be
> obtained. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!

Is maybe OS X "stealing" the Alt key from the application? ... it works
on Linux, as far as I can tell.


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