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Questions:   on windows or Linux
  Is it possible to reach all the visible characters on a keyboard Atari? 
  Modifier Alt has effect ?  and  Shift+Alt  ?

Because I use Apple machine, I modified "Symbolic" in keymap.c. So, compiling hatari with Xcode, keymap.c becomes automatically correct for Macbook Pro keyboard with or without numerical keyboard. I added a macro which permits to experiment conversion character->scan-code. Compiled with Xcode, keyboard is AZERTY-fr. You can add other layout. 
Compiled under linux or windows, nothing has changed.  Test of that: MegaSTE + Tos2.06 and I use SDL2 .

Two difficulties I don't know solve:
  Key  @ #  does not exist on Atari keyboard and becomes  # | 
  None character having  Alt modifier in its key combination can  be obtained. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!

Modified keymap.c is below. I can supply a compiled Hatari (10.7 ... 10.12).

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