Re: [hatari-devel] FPU update

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>     Could you add pause after each individual test? (or even exiting the
>     test after first error is fine) The very first error is the most
>     important. Other errors are totally useless, until it becomes next
>     "first error" :)
> If I limit each test group to reporting a single error maximum before
> issuing the 'failed!' and keypress request, will that have the same
> desired effect? (I think so). 
> The only spanner here is the fact the rest of the failed operations
> still silently execute until the test completes - they just don't report
> anything.
> If that's sufficient it will save me making other changes. 
> If you really need it to halt near the fault, in terms of execution
> (i.e. not just controlling the reporting output) then I'll need to add a
> wait key to the error handler itself, which means a lot of keypresses to
> skip a test if you want to tackle them out of order...

Any solution is fine that keeps first complete error message completely
visible on screen, even if emulation speed is really fast (no extra
output that scrolls the screen) Even if test completely stops at this
point is fine for me.

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