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> I now patched SoftFloat to use 68k format for denormals:
> https://sourceforge.net/p/previous/code/692/
> I used pre-processor conditions to make my changes reversible and
> visible. That does not look very clean, but i want to keep it until i
> am confident, that the patch works under all conditions. I did some
> very basic testing and it seems to do the job. But i would be happy
> if someone could review or test this. I don't want to introduce new
> problems.

I pushed my changes based on QEMU softfloat, with all your patches added
and slightly adjusted because QEMU softfloat uses different data type names.

Currently all trigonometric and logarithmic functions use native
c-library functions. (QEMU does not have any)

I tested it quickly with few Amiga demos that use FPU. (mainly basic
operations like fmove/fadd/fsub/fcmp/fmul/fmdiv etc.. used)

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