Re: [hatari-devel] FPU update

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> - Adds an option to use software floating point arithmetics (via
> SoftFloat library) - Fixes lots of bugs, mostly related to rounding
> and normalization. At least one rounding bug was critical (crashed
> Mac OS from many applications) - Improved handling of the FPSR
> register, although this needs more testing and comparing to real
> systems

Thanks. Looks more cleaner (and much more functional, I don't have any
good Amiga test cases) than my original and not really finished
softfloat support.

But I really want to have "normal" and softfloat FPU emulation on the
fly switchable (not compile time), I moved your new low level functions
back to fpu.cpp and combined both modes.

I can do testing if needed, I have 68030+68882, 68040 and 68060 based
Amigas. I don't have any 68881 systems.

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