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It seems that is no reason for that. On site I read:
Unter Contents/Resources English.lproj und French.lproj löschen.
Danach eng.lproj nach English.lproj und fr.lproj nach French.lproj umbenennen.
First: eng.lproj is not correct ! It must be en.lproj.
If you want to specify the region you write: en-GB.lproj for Great Britain 
or fr-CN.lproj for french in Canada ..... and so on.
From what I know at this time,  en.lproj and English.lproj are both correct.


By the way, after releasing Hatari 2.0, some users apparently had to
rename en.lproj and fr.lproj back to English.lproj and French.lproj,
see for example here:

Do you've got a clue why that might be necessary on systems and on
others it's working fine without modifications?

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