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Thorsten Otto schrieb:

>  I have ifdef'ed the declarations in sysdeps.h out now, and can compile it 
> now. But i immedietely got behaviours that i did not have before:
> - when booting with TOS 3.06, the memory test is not skipped anymore when --
> fastboot is enabled.

Indeed. But for me this didn't work with Hatari 1.9, either. So I
assumed this was not yet implemented for TOS 3.06. Which Hatari version
were you using before?

> - using extended VDI modes does not seem to work anymore. The Atari logo 
> displayed during boot is distorted, and the system hangs after running the 
> auto-folder programs.

Again, in this case the Atari logo was also distorted in 1.9. I think
the routine drawing it simply cannot cope with extended VDI modes.

However, extended VDI modes work just fine for me using the official
Hatari 2.0.0 Windows binary, TT mode and TOS 3.06. Are you sure you
aren't maybe running an AUTO-folder program or an accessory that crashes
on "non-standard" resolutions?

Or maybe something is wrong with your build environment -- see your
other posting?

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