[hatari-devel] Re: Next release (was: Improved cycle counting / rasters for 16/32 MHz)

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Am Sat, 6 Aug 2016 20:37:42 +0200
schrieb Nicolas Pomarède <npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Le 06/08/2016 à 18:24, Thomas Huth a écrit :
> > PS: It's been quite a while since the last public release ... do you
> > already have any plans for a public version 2.0 ?  
> That's almost 1 year since Hatari 1.9 ; I don't have any plan now wrt
> a release date, but it would be nice to release someday.
> In the current state, I don't think the devel version should be named 
> 2.0, I would call it 1.10 (as I don't think there're so many changes 
> visible to the user) and keep 2.0 for the release were Falcon cycles
> are really accurate (including correct cycle ratio with DSP)

It's up to you, but I think I'd name it 2.0 anyway. There has been so
much progress since the last release, that a 2.0 is IMHO well deserved
now. We're using WinUAE by default now, and SDL2 instead of SDL1.2, and
these two steps alone justify a version 2.0 already. So we can later
easily say: 1.x ==> OldUAE / SDL1.2 and 2.x ==> WinUAE / SDL2.0 ... if
we continue with a 1.x numbering now, it's not that easy to distinguish

(and if it's just about the feeling that a x.0 release has really to be
perfect - I know that feeling, too, I also hesitated to do the 1.0 of
Hatari many years ago, ... but you know, it's never 100% perfect, and at
one point in time you just have to say "it's good enough and there are
enough new features, let's do it now")

> If we were to release a new version with current state, I think it
> could be made around mid september.

Sounds good. What's left to be done? I think I'd at least want to
update the manual with the new SDL GUI dialogs...

> If we wait for progress in the 68030 CE mode for Falcon, it could be 
> much later, maybe near end of the year (I have no clear idea of the
> time I can spend coding on this part in the next months).

IMHO that sounds like we should really do a 2.0 release now and then
take as much time needed to get the CE mode for the Falcon and then do
a 2.1 release with that instead. There will be so much other things
left to fix for Falcon emulation (Videl raster emulation, SCSI, ...)
that the version with the "perfect" Falcon emulation will rather
be version 3.0 in a couple of years. ... just my two cents.


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