[hatari-devel] Gain too low in DmaSnd_LowPassFilter for STE ?

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as discussed here http://atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=29615&p=299270#p299270 the STE DMA sound samples can't be heard when using an output freq < 50066 Hz in Hatari (for example, try "salamander : planet latis")

At 50066 Hz you hear the samples, but at 48 kHz you don't hear them anymore. This is because 50066 explicitely turn DMA low pass filter OFF in the code path.

David, do you think it would be possible to increase the gain in DmaSnd_LowPassFilter to hear the samples even when using < 50 kHz output freq ?

Note that in this music demo, samples already have a low volume (if you just listen to the wav file with Audacity for example), so maybe the fact that the sample don't use the full 8 bit range is fooling the filter and you get an even lower volume in the end ?


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