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Le 05/08/2016 à 03:19, Bob Carpenter a écrit :
> Jerome,
> This version of the OS X GUI is much better. However, I do have two comments:
> 1. Under Disks, the “Skip ACSI/IDE partitions (experimental)” is called “After ACSI/IDE partitions (experimental)” in the SDL GUI. 
Yes, but, to me, "After ACSI/IDE partitions" did not make any sense, in
english or french. Sources say "/* Skip ACSI/IDE partitions? */"
Wich I can understand. May be a typo in SDL Sources ?

>More importantly, that checkbox is not synchronized with the SDL GUI. 
>That was the only preference that did not appear to transfer to the SDL GUI. 
Ok again a outlet connexion forgotten, thanks !

> 2. The SDL GUI indents the GEMDOS specific options to make it clear they belong to the GEMDOS drive. 
>I think the OS X interface should either indent the options as well or, preferably, create another box around the GEMDOS options like already exists for the Floppy Disks and Hard Disks sections.
I will try to do something !


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