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I will wait for one of the main Hatari developers to answer this question. After doing a Google search and finding references on the mailing list, I am still not sure what this option does. Without having this option checked, I can already have both an ACSI image and GEMDOS drives available at the same time. I think your wording might be better, but I am not sure until I understand what the option actually does.

Bob C

> On Aug 5, 2016, at 11:56 AM, Jerome Vernet <vernet.jerome@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Le 05/08/2016 à 03:19, Bob Carpenter a écrit :
>> Jerome,
>> This version of the OS X GUI is much better. However, I do have two comments:
>> 1. Under Disks, the “Skip ACSI/IDE partitions (experimental)” is called “After ACSI/IDE partitions (experimental)” in the SDL GUI. 
> Yes, but, to me, "After ACSI/IDE partitions" did not make any sense, in
> english or french. Sources say "/* Skip ACSI/IDE partitions? */"
> Wich I can understand. May be a typo in SDL Sources ?

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