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Am Sun, 10 Apr 2016 17:27:34 +0300
schrieb Toni Wilen <twilen@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> >> Seems like there is a similar setting for the FPU, too:
> >>
> >>   fpu_no_unimplemented
> >>
> >> ... should we also initialize that to "true"?  
> > 
> > hi,
> > 
> > I would say yes if we want to be close to real HW ; this affects a
> > few instruction, but I don't know the different fpu specs that
> > much, maybe Toni can give us detail if he read this.  
> If it is true, 68040/060 FPU emulation matches real hardware: 68040
> FPU instructions that are not implemented in hardware (trigonometric
> functions, some FMOVEM variants etc..) cause unimplemented FPU
> exceptions (that Motorola FPU library normally catches and emulates)
> If it is false, all FPU instructions are emulated, all 6888x
> instructions + new 68040 FPU FSx and FDx variants. (Note that some
> older versions in 6888x mode also incorrectly supported 68040+ only
> FPU instructions)

Ok, thanks for the exmplanation!

> cpu_no_implemented is matching option for 68060 unimplemented integer
> instructions (MOVEP, some 64-bit variants of MUL/DIV etc).
> It is recent option, 68040/060 missing instruction exception emulation
> was not easy to implement.
> Note that they are not fully JIT compatible. IMHO there is not much
> point anyway in fast modes where it is only important that FPU returns
> correct results, not how it does it.
> (What did this have to do with 68030 MMU PMOVE?)

Eero originally noticed that Hatari printed something like this out
when 68060 CPU has been selected:

 68030 MMU enabled. Page size = 32768 PC=00e014f6

That's of course confusing. It was due to that int_no_unimplemented
option. If it is set to false, the PMOVE instruction of the 68030 MMU
is also still allowed in 68060 mode, and TOS is using that instruction
during boot.


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