[hatari-devel] Reload ROM/floppy on reset

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Hatari is very handy for cross-development. Developing on the host OS, then running on Hatari.

But there is a very annoying behaviour: in most cases, Hatari does not reload the ROM or floppy images or reset.

My wish would be to use the following scenario:
- Build a new ROM or floppy image, outside Hatari
- Run Hatari for testing
- Change the sources
- Build again
- Use AltGr+R in Hatari to reboot and see the changes

Currently, it seems that AltGr+R never reloads ROM/floppy.
However the sequence "Pause, Reset machine, OK" seems to reload the ROM. But not the floppy (at least, not consistently).

Fixing that behaviour would be of great help for cross-developers of Atari software.

Vincent Rivière

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