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On 08.03.2016 22:46, David Savinkoff wrote:
> Hi,
> One of my computers requires:
> on the command line before running Hatari
> (Thomas helped me on this one, thanks again).
> However, this problem bugs me because there
> are no explanations ... even as to why the
> SDL2 default is set to true.
> Thus, I'm questioning why the default is
> not set to false (maybe false is better).
> My other computer does not care whether
> or false. It just works.
> I would like to know the results of others
> experiments, and possibly patch SDL2 menu,
> or compile Hatari with false if it is better.
> I'm looking for a solution, not a workaround.

In case you're looking for a proper fix, you should discuss this with
the SDL folks - Hatari is not the culprit of this behavior here, it's
definitely an SDL problem instead.

So you should maybe join the SDL mailing list
( and discuss the problem there, or
open a bug ticket here:


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