Re: [hatari-devel] OS X Hatari 1.9.0 devel version

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Am Fri, 6 Nov 2015 20:28:11 -0600
schrieb Bob Carpenter <hatari@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> I tried compiling the 1.9 release version of Hatari and I see the
> same behavior. You have to move the mouse in order to see the GEM
> desktop or the first line of the status bar (8Mhz ST, etc). I would
> not spend time on it right now. In the past, we found many of the
> problems we were trying to solve in the OS X version were actually
> problems in the OS X version of the SDL framework itself. I do not
> know why an autobooting game tends to show the screen when entering
> fullscreen mode without having to move the mouse.

OK. There is one more thing you could try: Add a Screen_SetFullUpdate()
after the Screen_ClearScreen() in Screen_EnterFullScreen() to see
whether this makes a difference.


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