Re: [hatari-devel] ROMSPEED effect?

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> MMU cannot be enabled with TT-RAM, so I'm not
> sure whether ROMSPEED actually did anything.

Provided that you were using the current version 3.11 of ROMSPEED, you
can find the sources in the ROMSPEED archive. There is not really much
PMMU-related code except for the modification of the descriptor relevant
for the mapping of the ROM contents (this is what _sysbase points to):

        move.l rombuf,d0          ;new "ROM" address
        or #5,d0                  ;write protect
        move.l _sysbase,a0
        ptestr #2,([8,a0]),#7,a0
        move.l d0,(a0)            ;update descriptor in the existing table

If there is no (working) PMMU support I would expect nothing visible to
happen, indeed. Except for having less RAM because the ROM contents have
been copied.

Take care


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