[hatari-devel] ROMSPEED effect?

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As WinUAE CPU core supports now things needed by Uwe's
ROMSPEED, I tested it.

Executing ROM code from fast-RAM is supposed to be faster,
but this isn't visible in attached GEMBench results.

GEMBench actually shows VDI to be marginally slower with
ROMSPEED on TT (i.e. VDI ROM code being executed from fast-RAM)
than without, but I think it could be just rounding error.

This is what I used for Falcon (TT options are similar):
$ hatari --machine falcon --tos tos404.img \
  --dsp none --sound off --fpu-type 68882 \
  --ttram 16 --addr24 off -s 4  gembench.403/

MMU cannot be enabled with TT-RAM, so I'm not
sure whether ROMSPEED actually did anything.

(At least ROMSPEED starts without MMU, without
TT-RAM it just bombs.)

	- Eero

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