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On maanantai 06 heinäkuu 2015, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
> I wanted to listen some soundship music, so I downloaded the following :
> It seems to crash (double bus/address error => Cpu halted) after the
> intro (when I press space or when I wait to the end of the intro).
> I've tested with hatari oldcpu 1.8 (ST and STE mode) , 1 Mo and 4 Mo
> I've also tested with the latest release (same problem).
> In case you didn't notice it before.

Works for me both with latest WinUAE and older oldUAE CPU cores,
and it has been working earlier.

(I tested version I have loaded earlier.)

AFAIK only YM-Rockerz program Hatari has had problems with is this:

(As stated in compatibility list.)

	- Eero

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