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I tried your updated OS X preference screen with the Mercurial version of Hatari. I see that 68060 is greyed out even with the WinUAE CPU enabled. Therefore, I set the value to 68040 and rebooted Hatari. After the reboot, Hatari showed a value of 68060 instead of 68040. 

In addition, if I set the TT RAM value to 0 and re-enter the preference screen, the value has been set back to 4.

One last thing, in the WinUAE core section, the English phrase “24 bits adressing” should be “24-bit addressing”. To me, 24 bits vs. 24-bit is not a big deal but addressing is misspelled.

I wanted to compare the values to the SDL menu but the SDL menu does not work in OS X when you are in Falcon mode. This has been a problem for a while.

Bob C

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