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On perjantai 15 toukokuu 2015, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
> When I use b pc=text and then reboot hatari, I get loops of
> os_beg (0xe0398c) != TOS address (0xe00000), header in RAM not set up yet?
> [...]
> And I have to break and quit hatari.

You can also invoke debugger and remove the breakpoint.

> I know I could use b pc=text:once but I often forget.
> Would it be possible in hatari debugger to remove (or disable) the
> display and/or the test as long as the condition is false ?
> Something to disable this test during boot sequence for exemple.

The problem isn't the breakpoint, but the "text" Hatari variable.
Value of that (and few other variables) comes from the current
basepage, but basepage can be located only after TOS has set up
system header values.

Warning comes from system base not being set, not from breakpoint.

Breakpoints have no mechanism to react to variables suddenly
becoming undefined, but I changed the basepage handling code
so that manually invoked stuff still outputs relevant warnings,
but individual basepage values won't.

Note that pc=text will trigger several times during boot
before the autostarted program is run.  You know which one
is the correct one from debugger loading your program
symbols, or you can enabled GEMDOS tracing.

	- Eero

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