Re: [hatari-devel] GEMDOS HD emulation, Hatari cartridge program load code and TT-RAM

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On sunnuntai 19 huhtikuu 2015, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> On sunnuntai 19 huhtikuu 2015, Thomas Huth wrote:
> > I've just had a try and changed the cartridge code to support Pexec7,
> > too. Since I'm very short in time, I just did some quick regression
> > testing that normal (ST memory) program loading still works fine
> > (so there might even be new bugs in rare cases now - sorry!).
> > Could you please have a try whether TT memory loading now also works as
> > expected? Thanks!
> On initial testing it seems to work.
> Profiled OpenTTD code is now executing in TT-RAM:

OpenTTD starts now fine with TOS v3/TT and v4/Falcon.

I.e. Pexec7 caused TOS to do allocs from TT-RAM, of which there's
now actually enough (unlike ST-RAM where allocs happened earlier).

I start OpenTTD like this for Falcon:
$ --conout 2 --trace fopen -s 4 \
  --machine falcon --dsp none --ttram 256 --addr24 no \
  --fpu-type 68882 --tos tos404.img \
  -- .openttd-m68020.gtp -m null -s null -b 8bpp-optimized

Or a bit shorter for TT: -s 4 --ttram 256 --machine tt --tos tos306uk.img \
 -- ./openttd-m68020.gtp -m null -s null -b 8bpp-optimized

	- Eero

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